What is Irony?


What is Irony?

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Bender : “The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention.” / Now that *is* irony!

You want to say something and you express that something with words, that would normally mean the opposite of that something. Let’s take an example;

You want your friend to stop singing, because he has a terrible voice. Instead of saying “please stop singing!” You say “yeah, please keep singing, you have a wonderful voice!” And hope he get’s it. If not, you can use body language to strengthen the dramatic effect, so as to make it really obvious that you mean that he should stop singing.

In this example we use the sarcasm definition of irony. Nowadays irony can also mean “opposition of meaning and action”

“Stop writing long explanations in ELI5” would be ironic to writr, because I am indeed writing long explanations here but mean to stop doing thst by further extending the length of my explanation… that’s ironic.

Irony is when something happens that is the opposite of what is expected. It can be funny, but it can also be tragic. Sarcasm, where the real meaning is the opposite of the surface meaning, can be a type of verbal irony, but it’s not the only type of verbal irony.

In dramatic irony the audience knows what to expect, but the characters on stage do not. Thus the audience knows Juliet took a sleeping potion and isn’t really dead when Romeo discovers her lifeless body, but Romeo does not and kills himself.

Another example of irony that’s less tragic is a child who acts badly to get desert, but is denied desert because he acted badly. Acting badly produces exactly the opposite of the expected result.

Irony is not the same as coincidence. Some people avoid using the word because it is so often misunderstood.

It’s like rain, on your wedding day. A free ride, when you’ve already paid. It’s some good advice, that you just didn’t take…. Per Alannis Morissette.

An opposite difference between expectations and outcomes. If you hired a wedding planner and they fucked your fiancé and that canceled your wedding- that would be quite ironic.