What is it about tobacco that causes its smoke to seep into walls and linger when other burnt plant material does not (at least not nearly to the same degree)?


Marijuana, smudging sage or cedar, paper, incense, etc have a pretty strong smell but they dissipate much faster than tobacco smoke especially cigar smoke

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Frequency of use. If you burned incense as often as people smoke, you’re notice the stains and smell too.

Nicotine in particular will stain.

The tar in processed tobacco is another factor that isn’t present in the other items you listed.

I’ll have you know, as the child of hippies and witches, heavy cannabis use *absolutely* has a smell (It’s lighter/more floral, but still smells “like weed”), and so does incense and sage.

Everything does. A smoker’s house smells like tobacco for the same reason my grandma’s smells like Italian food or why my bedroom smells like strong incense – It’s *always* there, and it gets into everything, but whoever lives there fails to notice because they’re used to it. Everyone’s home has a unique smell that comes from a combination of what foods they cook, beauty products everyone uses, what they do or not not burn, etc.

they don’t dissipate faster. The tars found in nicotine stain quicker and the smell is more acrid, but the smell of MJ and the tars from MJ definitely do stain. the main difference is, usually tobacco users smoke far more frequently than stoners. and with todays modern smoking devices, they could be smoking concentrates, vaporizing, etc. but rest assured, the “resin” that builds up in smoking devices, definitely gets deposited on walls and drapes and clothes and fingers.

Paper also definitely stains if the smoke touches a surface. If you burn cardboard, your clothes will smell like burnt cardboard until they are washed. and buildups of particulates will stain porous and non porous materials. Playdough was invented to clean soot particulate from coal, wood, etc from wall paper in the olden days

For mj I’ve found it tends to relate to how your consuming it, if you’re smoking a joint the smell tends to linger a lot longer than a bong or vaporizer.