What is Lofi music?

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I don’t understand what make a piece of music “lofi”, or what a “lofi” remix is. Please enlighten me.

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There’s two types of lofi. There’s the superior OG lofi that is literally low fidelity recordings on older analog recordings devices. This is the true essence of lofi, it’s noisy and messy and beautiful once you have a taste for it, it fully captures the emotion and energy of the music in a way that high production value music often cannot.

Then there’s this new genre that takes the term lofi and bastardizes it. Low effort instrumental hip hop that artificially attempts to employ bog standard DAW effects to trigger nostalgia or whatever so the artists don’t have to actually be creative at all. This new genre that’s being called lofi for some stupid reason is literally not low fidelity at all. I hate that it stole the name and now that’s what people think lofi music is.

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