What is Lofi music?

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I don’t understand what make a piece of music “lofi”, or what a “lofi” remix is. Please enlighten me.

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Lofi is a romanticized look back at an idealized pre-digital time that generation z or whatever imagines the cool kids were listening to on cassette while they were smoking cloves, paying $0.98 a gallon for leaded gas as they drove, not wearing seatbelts, to the home their parents paid less than $75,000 for, where they played vinyl records of their favorite band, the Ramones, who they were totally in to before it was cool to be in to the Ramones, and then stayed up all night to watch SNL with the original cast of Chevy Murphy and Will Farrell and Mr. Bill. Anyway, it was awesome riding bmx bikes and going off jumps with no helmets and stuff, and man, you really missed out, and you should have been here yesterday. Kind of like when it was 1982 and we were really into the Stray Cats and other bands from the ‘50s. 

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