What is Profession Liability Insurance?

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Went job hunting. Never saw this term before surprisingly. Social worker requirement?

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It’s insurance to protect you from lawsuits if you screw up something involving your professional activities. For social workers, there are a variety of possible needs.

Say, for example, you ar visiting a family with a history of child abuse, and part of your job is to assess whether the adults of a family are treating their kids appropriately. If you give the family a good assessment, and then there is an instance of child abuse, you and your social service agency may be liable to be sued by the child’s extended family.

Professional liability insurance, if in force, would pay any judgments from such a litigation. Obviously, a lawyer would need to be consulted to assess the policy and the situation to evaluate if you and/or your agency (employer) are fully covered.

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Professional liability is essentially like malpractice for the professional services – it covers errors, negligence, etc. that come about when doing those jobs.

A typical general liability covers mostly physical damage, like bodily injury or property damage. But professional liability covers the more abstract situations, where an error cost someone money, or bad advice let to someone getting sued, or even situations where outright fraud may have occurred.