what is protein powder used for?


What is it used for? Gyming or weightloss and how do you choose the right one? Never understood it at all

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If you want to gain muscle but you can’t eat a lot of steaks, protein powder is the answer.

Schwarzenegger was actually not a big eater so he carried protein powder everywhere he went.

For getting enough protein😂

If you work out then should aim for 1.8g*kg (assuming you’re a healthy weight)

It can be difficult for some people to get in all the protein they need on a daily basis, so using protein powder helps you get in the recommended dosage. Depending on the brand, each serving might be anywhere from 25-40 grams.

An important thing to remember is that protein powder is just food. Its not a special substance. Its just protein, you need adequate protein to build muscle. Protein powder helps because you get a lot of protein but not that much calories. You can technically just eat beef but beef has more calories per protein. Some people also get full before they get to eat their required protein so another easy way to remedy this to drink protein instead.

One use is for people that have difficulty eating can get proper nutrition without having to chew or swallow a bunch.