What is rational thinking?


What is rational thinking?

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Rational thinking is when you use your brain to make good choices by thinking carefully about things. It means using your common sense and knowledge to decide what to do, instead of just guessing or doing something without thinking about it. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how many cookies you can eat without getting a tummy ache, you might use rational thinking by remembering how many cookies made you feel sick last time, and deciding to eat less than that this time. Basically, it’s like being a detective and using clues to solve a problem.

Rational thinking is when you use reasons and logic to approach something more objectively than going with your feeling or instinct. Example of rational thinking can be something like when you feel frustrated, you stop and think

“I am frustrated because of ______” or “I feel x because y”

taking time to assess the feeling, trying to see what makes you feel that way instead of being impulsive and immediately react following your emotional process.

Thought is rational when the conclusions it accepts as sound extend from knowledge, or from inferences correctly drawn from knowledge according to the rules of logic, which allow the thinker to avoid fallacies or unsound conclusions.

1: Acquire and understand all available evidence.

2: Formulate hypothesis based on given evidence.

3: When presented with new evidence goto 1.

Rational thinking is taking into account facts of reality in your choices, actions and association of those thoughts and memories to feelings. What is factually true is sometimes hard to find out, and sometimes it is easy. It is both a way of planning and a way of reacting to things that happen.