what is satire



I’m autistic so please on what satire is xx

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At its core, satire is making something that is normally serious look ridiculous. The aim is to point out that the thing you are satirising isn’t some perfect person/system.

So you consider a politician who takes themselves seriously, and you do an impression of them saying silly things (eg Dead Ringers on BBC radio 4). This points out to the listeners that those politicians are actually just flawed humans.

Or you take a cherished institution like the BBC and make a TV programme of BBC staff who are bungling amateurs (W1A on BBC 2).

Edit: or you write a novel in which farm animals start a communist revolution (Animal Farm), pointing out the flaws and ridiculousness of the communist/soviet system.

Satire is similar to parody. The difference is where parody exaggerates themes and tropes out of love or appreciation for a genre, person, idea etc.; satire exaggerates in order to criticize and ridicule. For example: “Superhero Movie” is a parody of superhero movies, Watchman/The Boys is a satire. One plays up style and themes for comedic effect and the other presents a criticism for the genre.