What is that “white noise” sort of sound when stretching?



What is that “white noise” sort of sound when stretching?

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I’m not sure about the white noise per say, but I found [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/1t5kag/eli5_when_you_stretch_thoroughly_why_does_your/) which may answer your question

I get a noise in my ears when stretching, which I know to be my tensor timpani ear muscles vibrating. I would describe it as “brown noise” which is more rumbly and rough. Those muscles are designed to dampen loud sounds, like an ear volume limiter. You can sometimes hear them triggering when anticipating a loud sound that doesn’t happen.
I can make these muscles trigger voluntarily. I don’t believe I’ve met anyone else who can though I bet many can. I think most people can do it by screwing up their eyes tightly. Give it a go!
Another thing you could be perceiving is the sound of your internal pressure affecting your hearing. Sometimes I am aware that my blood pressure is altered by my posture or activity, and that can perceptibly alter the quality of my hearing, like a low pass filter. Presumably internal pressure affecting the tension of my ear drum or by restricting the bones within the ear. That effect can be similar to when you put a shell on your ear. You become aware of the noise around you by changing its quality, resonance etc.

There is subreddit for people that can control their Tensor Tympani muscle and make that noise voluntarily