What is the difference between HDMI and DP?


Should I care which way my new monitor is plugged in?

For the record I have DP right now.

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If it’s a high refresh rate and/or resolution monitor, sometimes Displayport may be the only way to use the highest resolution/refresh rate setting and take advantage of variable refresh rate (Freesync/G-Sync) in some situations.

Otherwise there’s little observable difference

The two standards overlap a lot and in many applications you’ll have no difference between them. Both carry digital video and optionally audio data, so if that’s what you need then use whichever you have the ports/cables for.

DisplayPort came from the home computing industry—companies like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. HDMI came from the home theater industry—companies like Sony and Hitachi. The two standards have been developed alongside one another.

If you’re trying to really push to the bleeding edge of what these standards can do then you’ll want to be more specific about what port you use. At various times the latest HDMI has been more or less capable of high resolutions/framerates compared to the latest DP standards. Also, if you intend to run longer cables then HDMI is the way to go; DP is only rated for 3 meter cable length which ought to be plenty for computing setups but may fall short in some home theater applications.