What is the difference between Nominal GDP and Real GDP


I don’t know why I can’t grasp this concept someone please help me out here

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Real is adjusted for inflation, nominal is in the subject year’s dollars. If you want to compare GDP today vs GDP in 1960, you would want to use Real GDP, because $1 in 1960 is worth more than $1 today.

GDP is essentially the amount of money that is spent on goods and services produced in a given country in a year. This changes each year, partially due to changes in price and partially due to changes in production. Nominal GDP counts both, but real GDP tries to remove any changes in GDP (from a given reference point) due to changes in price.

As an example, say my village’s economy consisted of me growing one apple, and selling it to my friend for $1, and my mate growing a carrot and seling it to me for $1. Thats a GDP of $2. Next year (2021), my friend grows 2 carrots, selling them for $1, and I sell him another apple for $2, raising the price. Nominal GDP is $4, but real GDP is $3 in 2020 dollars.