What is the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth?



What is the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth is directly peer to peer in the sense one device can connect directly to one other device at a time only. As opposed to wifi which enables multiple devices to connect to the same wave frequency.

Bluetooth is designed to be cheap and energy efficient. WiFi supports longer range, more bandwidth, multiple devices and a long list of other features, but this requires more hardware and power.

Bluetooth is a personal area network, where two devices connect to each other, like a keyboard to a computer or ear-buds to a phone. This is to replace wires for the same direct connection. It tends to be low range and power, with relatively low bandwidth. A computer is usually capable of hosting many devices, but those devices tend to only be able to connect to one goods at a time.

WiFi is a local area network, where one it more devices, like computers and phones and tablets, connect to an access point, usually a router, with the purpose of connecting to other computers. This is also to replace wires, which are also meant for networking computers together. It is often longer range and power, with a much higher bandwidth. Generally, WiFi connected devices are fully capable devices, and the network they use allows them to connect to many other devices through the access point and connected networks.

Wi-fi is the wireless replacement for an Ethernet connection.

Bluetooth is the wireless replacement for a USB cable.