What is the “Mitsuda Lick” and why is it significant when its included in video game music?

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I’ve heard this term a few times now and from what I understand, Yasunori Mitsuda composed music for Chrono Trigger and the “Mitusuda Lick” seems to be a pattern of notes that gets included in music by other video game composers. I guess what I don’t quite understand is why this specific pattern is so cool and why its named after Yasunori Mitsuda specifically?

Maybe a dumb question but also how do different composers decide when to include this pattern? Is there a way this pattern of notes can be used…wrong/inappropriately…? I know next to nothing about music btw

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There are fun bits of comrodary in the industry.  It was composed; other game designers liked it and included it in their games/songs

Google:  Wilhelm scream for the most famous scream in movies:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HNvZYzg7o68

Pop culture is filled with “nods” or respectful moments to the people who came before 

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You could be hoity toity and “intertextuality” or just a quote (which is especially common in jazz solos as a wink to others in the know) or a shout-out or nod to another composer or maybe just a trend that emerged (like the “millennial whoop”) or maybe just stealing, but one of the other labels is probably better. Either way, they all describe when one creation makes a reference to another creation. For this specific example, I don’t know exactly, but usually, the first to do it have their reasons and then other do it because the trend caught on.

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Another example is the “amen break”. Used in many songs; but the original source always gets some credit among music lovers