what is the ‘ozone in ‘ozonated’ water?


I bought Bottled water that says it contains “ozone” and is “ozonated” and i tried googling it cause I’ve only ever heard of the earths ozone layer and I gotta say, I am more confused than when I started

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Ozone is a chemical comprised of three oxygen atoms bound together.

Ozone is very good at killing microbes and, I would assume, the water you bought had ozone pumped through it for the purposes of killing bacteria, viruses, etc. that are in it.

It’s a marketing gimmick used to pry some more money from your wallet/purse.

Unlike normal oxygen (O2), ozone has one more oxygen (O3). Ozone is unstable and wants to revert back to O2. Ozone has a half life of about 20 minutes in water, so you can be sure that there is almost no ozone (above ambient) levels left in the water by the time you consume it. There are a bunch a unsubstatiated medical claims about the benefits of the water. Wearing your crystals and pyramid hat will likely provide as many positive benefits.

Ozone is useful as a disinfectant and is often used in some water systems to sterilize the water. Ozone is not useful as a residual disinfectant (keep bugs from coming back) because of its short half life–for residual disinfection chlorine is superior. The water source used by the bottle was already likely safe (at least 60% of bottled water is tap water (maybe filtered)).

What bottled water? Ozone is widely, widely used in bottled water but it’s typically not marketed heavily. Is this in fine print, or more of a selling point they’re going for?

Ozone is O3, three atoms of oxygen bonded together, like oxygen O2 it will dissolve in water, but it is both unstable and toxic in the atmosphere https://youtu.be/CYVzcZbhxxs