What is the purpose creating sudo lanes at an intersection?


The city I live in has a few intersections that have 3 lanes (1 left turn, 1 straight , 1 right turn lane). The road is wide enough for 5 lanes but has large sections of “lined off” pavement in between the lanes. What is the purpose of this?
[Example](http://Indigo Ranch by Richmond American Homes
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It’s to direct traffic.
It’s like a marble track, you need wedges in the track to divide the marbles.
We are like marbles, just with agenda to get from A to B, and we learn how to drive and read the streets and signs with out having a physical barrier.
Having physical barriers would cause more problems.

Good traffic flow is not a matter of how many lanes you can build, but about continuity. In your example, both Dublin Bv and Marksheffel Road become a typical two-way one-lane-each road. It’s another example of “a chain is as strong as its weakest link”.

In the case of Dublin Bv is clear that they wanted to reserve the space east of Marksheffeld Road, so when they expand the segment to the west, they can immediately add lanes.