What is the science behind people having different pain tolerances?

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In my family my mom and sister cannot stand anything, whereas my dad and I have pretty high tolerances and aren’t fussy about anything. How does this work?

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Pain is a defence mechanism to stop you doing permanent damage to yourself by avoiding painful things, the pain message itself is just like a fire alarm the alarm doesn’t do the damage the fire does. There are some instances where we have evolved to override the pain response in certain situations to survive. So pain is just a balancing act of neurological messages.

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Dunno about the actual reason, but I “artificially” inflate my pain tolerance by focusing on the WHY behind the pain. If it’s e.g. part of a medical procedure, I keep repeating to myself and my brain “these are just automatic signals, I’m not getting hurt, I don’t need to register them”.
The pain is still there, but it’s much easier to deal with.

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Just like every other thing you can think of – humanity has a wide band work. From height to vocal tone to nose width to intelligence…..outside of “what will kill us (or keeps us alive)” has a wide range of tolerances/outcomes

Pain has a physiological and psychological component.

Some people can feel intense pain and not react in spit of that pain; some people will have an outburst at the slightest paper cut

For some people smashing a finger with a hammer simply doesn’t register as that high degree of pain, no different than bumping into a door at night.

I’d wager the woman(generally) were nurtured into pain = receiving comfort; so any injury they want outside intervention…..whereas men are generally tough it out and move on