What is the technical meaning of “full recovery” after an injury?



If a professional athlete gets injured (torn ACLs, ruptured meniscus, broken bone, etc.) and they’re said to make a full recovery by *X* amount of time. What constitutes the definition of a *full recovery*?

e.g. If you get a cut and a scar remains, it’s not “fully” recovered.

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I doubt there’s a completely formalized meaning of “full recovery.” In a sports context, it means that the athlete will be just as capable of playing the sport after the recovery as they were before the injury. Aesthetic things like scars or even long term health risks (like CTE) are typically ignored. Even in this narrow definition, it’s often wishful thinking, especially when you factor in a greater risk of re-injury.

Full ROM, speed, power, strength and stability are back to pre-injury levels.

Recovery will never be 100% perfect. They are referring to 100% functionality.

That they are able to perform at same level in terms of speed, strength, movement and such so that they can play at same level as before. It doesn’t mean no scars or superficial differences.