What is thesis in college?


What is thesis in college?

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This is actually a huge question because the answer to this is different depending on where you are specifically asking about. It varies by country to country but generally it’s a research paper where someone is making an argument and then proving that argument. It’s generally seen as more of an original piece of research than just say a run of the mill essay where you are given a topic to discuss and then use the research of others to come to some sort of conclusion. A thesis may be required to be submitted and reviewed by a panel for someone to obtain their degree, doctorate, etc.

It may take years to write. It may be short or long. It might use a lot of other research papers or not. It’s very varied.


A thesis is where you try to prove to the college that not only can you have an original thought, but that thought can be expanded into 50 or so pages of writing.

Disclaimer: originality of thought may or may not be truly original. YMMV

A thesis is a research project and accompanying report used to demonstrate an understanding of your chosen subject, along with the ability to do relevant research and study, work independently, and hopefully further that subject.

This is a requirement for most university/college degrees.

The slight issue is that university/college/schooling is described quite differently in different countries, so ‘college’ or ‘university’ doesn’t necessarily describe quite the same levels of study and schooling. So the definition and differentiation between a thesis and dissertation gets even more confusing, but in general they are all part of the degree process of post mandatory/high school study.

A thesis is a big research paper that you do at the end of your degree, to prove that you know what you’re talking about.
If you’re doing a science subject, you might do your own original research in the lab and then write it up as part of a long report. If you do a humanities subject, you’ll use different sources to try and answer a question or write about an idea that no one else answered before. Either way, it will be new research. The thesis will also include a summary of relevant research that has come before yours, and will explain why your research is new and valuable.
This answer is based on the UK university system.