What is Tourette’s?


What is Tourette’s?

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I don’t have the complete definition. it’s when someone can’t control there speech center so they say curse words, not on purpose they can’t control it . So they have a normal conversation then all of a sudden randomly they cuss or curse
Hope that helps someone who is more educated in it will give you a more complete response I’m sure but have a great day ! I was corrected by the other nice comments thanks for the knowledge! I’m more educated in other topics still have a nice day!

It’s a neurological disorder. It compels people with the disorder to perform certain involuntary “tics”. This could be a certain noise, specific gesture or any number of action really.

Tourette’s syndrome is a group of neurological syndromes where the sufferers gets uncontrollable ticks. Some of these may be physical and some may be verbal. Most known is the explicit verbal ticks which some sufferers have. We do not know what causes Tourette’s syndrome. There may be some links to epilepsy but we are not quite sure what the link could be if any.

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a chronic tic disorder consisting of at least two motor tics and at least one vocal tic that have lasted for at least one year (the tics don’t have to occur at the same time or be constant), start before the age of 18 and cannot be attributed to any other cause.

Motor tics can be things like blinking, head shaking nodding and grimacing. They can also be more complex like hitting, jumping and clapping. Even though they may look intentional, they really aren’t.

Vocal tics can be things like sniffing, snorting, squeaking and throat clearing. They can also be words and sentences. About 10 to 15% of people with TS have coprolalia (use profane language as a tic). Unfortunately, even though it’s an uncommon symptom, it’s the most known. As with motor tics, vocal tics- even if they seem to be said in context- are not intentional and the person saying the tic doesn’t actually mean or believe what the tic says.

Thanks for asking this question! TS is so misunderstood and I love any opportunity to educate.

It’s a problem of dopamine in the brain. You get an irresistible impulse to twitch or tic in some way. It might be something very subtle like blinking your eyes more vigorously than is common, or it might be more severe, like you have to raise your arm above your head and shake it. Or you may have to repeat a word a lot. In about 10% of cases the person also has coprolalia, where they suddenly shout out a sound or word or phrase that is pornographic or obscene.