What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?


What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

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Vulkan is a 3D rendering engine. Runtime libraries are instructions to which a program refers once it begins running.

ELI5: 3D graphics libraries meant to, well, render graphics, similar to OpenGL or DirectX. Used by programs like games to display all their awesome pictures on your screen.

Rendering is the process of transforming an abstract (or mathematical) description of an object – a rock or a tree, say, or the jumping hero of some quest – to its flat picture on the screen, depending on viewpoint, distance, color, illumination, haze, &c.

Libraries provide canned and optimized routines for that, with a nice interface to the graphics or game program itself, so the programmer doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

If you are wondering how they showed up on your machine, they probably came with an update to your NVIDIA graphic card drivers.

So nothing to worry about.

If you want to dig a tad deeper:

* https://blog.pcrisk.com/windows/12370-what-is-vulkan-run-time-libraries-and-do-you-really-need-it

* https://www.vulkan.org