what is whole exome sequencing and how do they do it?


Clarification on the second half: how do they manage to extract and interpret that information?

In: Biology

The DNA of an organism contains exons and introns. Introns do not code for protein products and exons code for protein products

The exome of an organism is all the gentetic material that codes for protein in an organism under a sett of conditions. Exome sequencing is sequencing all this expressed genetic material. This is upposed to whole genome sequencing where the entire genome with exons and introns is sequenced. Exome sequening gives an understanding of what parts of the genome are beeing used during a sett of conditions.

The most common way of doing this is by mRNA sequencing. Exons are converted into mRNA prior to protein synthesis. mRNA have whats called a poly-A tail at one end. This is an easily recognisable feature that we use to bind all the mRNA in a sample to something statonary and then wash away the rest. Then we sequence the extracted mRNA