what Library and Information Science exactly is

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Yeah that’s that. I am a high schooler soon to study in college in computer science, and for some reason came across this field that also for some reason interests me.

Apparently, it’s about managing/organizing information according to the internet, but wouldn’t that be simply called information science studies, with the library part omitted, because the field doesn’t seem to be limited to working with a library either. So I am a little confused.

By the way, if any of you are studying in this field or have already graduated. I’m definitely interested in knowing about job prospects and what you studied through university as well.

Thank you in advance!

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You’re not limited to working in a library with a MLIS degree. Most of them I’ve seen are master’s programs, which sucks because the degree is expensive and the pay sucks. I dated a girl who got her MLIS while we were together, and the coursework was very interesting. She had to make a database and website using LAMP, had to learn all kinds of open source software, it was a really cool program that would open a lot of doors if you could sell it right to a hiring manager.

I hope more people answer with more specifics, because it’s a neat course of study.

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