What makes breakfast cereal not instantly become mush when adding milk?


For example if I crush up cookies or wafers or any other type of snack in a bowl and pour milk on it, it instantly becomes mush. What about breakfast cereal makes it “last” longer?

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From my understanding, breakfast cereals are usually made with ingredients that can maintain their structure even when in contact with milk

This allows them to stay crunchy for a longer period of time.

Cookies and wafers are made from finely powdered grain with the fibrous bits removed. Cereal is made from whole grains, with the fibers intact. Fiber takes a long time to get mushy.

All the cereal I eat has a fine coating of frosted sugar. I assume that is what keeps things intact until the sugar wears off.

Despite being a comedy, Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation give a succinct explanation: Cereal Varnish


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