what makes one hangry?

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You know angry while being hungry kinda thing.

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Low blood sugar from not eating?

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It takes a lot of energy for the thinking parts of your brain to think. Some of the thinking parts of your brain are what make you able to choose to be nice, even when you can think of mean things to do.

But your brain can’t do its thinking so well if your blood sugar gets below a certain concentration. Oversimplified, thinking “uses up” that sugar. It’s kind of like when a toy’s batteries start getting low and you see it getting slower.

That means the parts of your brain that help you suppress all those mean thoughts stop working so well. And because your brain needs something, it makes you uncomfortable.

It’s kind of like the “human parts” of your brain start shutting down to use less energy and you’re stuck with the “animal parts” of your brain. Those are more worried about finding food than being nice.

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The same way a woman menstruating can become irritable due to hormonal imbalance, so can anyone due to not eating because are desire to eat is also managed by hormones.