What value does a soccer manager add? What would happen if the he did absolutely nothing and told the players to just play their best?

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Would they lose? Even if they have better players?

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Most of their work is in preparation for the match. They are making tactical adjustments on the fly during the match which is also important. But you’re right, if the manager wasn’t allowed to do any coaching during the game, it probably wouldn’t look too different. The preparation has already been done (or not done).

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They play a role similar to the head coach roles in American sports. Things like leading training sessions, all things tactics, team lineups, man management, and much more.

If you sent 11 random people out without anything, you would have 11 individual performances without any teamwork, most likely leading to a terrible performance as it is crucial to a team sport when compared to 11 prepared teammates with a game plan.

You can look into the football/soccer manager type games as it gets incredibly deep into the manager world.

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I take it you never watched Ted Lasso?

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In the playoffs for the 2018 World Cup, Brazil at some point was risking not being in it because it was playing poorly and it was in 5th place, they changed the coach for Tite, the players were basically the same, but I think they won almost all games in a row and finished 1st in the classification.