Whats responsible for the sudden falling sensation?



Whats responsible for the sudden falling sensation?

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Can you explain the context? The sudden falling situation when and where? If you are talking about the sensation you get when you actually do start suddenly falling, that is almost entirely due to the acceleration being noticed in your ears and other organs and relayed to your brain.

I’m assuming you mean when we sleep?

In any case it’s theorized that it’s practice for sleeping in trees, from way back in time when we did that. If you start falling then wake up and protect yourself before you hit the ground.

It’s the SSRI for me. Happened when I gradually switch from zoloft to prozac. Even worst when I’m too tired or not get enough sleep. Got my partner worried for quite a while.

This could be a minor vestibule balance disorder. When you don’t know which way is up, you can sense falling. Hopefully, it is temporary.