whats the difference between homicide, murder, and manslaughter?


whats the difference between homicide, murder, and manslaughter?

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Homicide is killing another person. Both murder and manslaughter are forms of homicide. The differnce between the two is intent. If you acted with intent to kill, it’s murder. If the death was accidental or incidental, it’s manslaughter,

Murder is killing a person and meaning to do it (intentionally stabbing someone to death) manslaughter is where a person has died, its your fault but you never intended to kill them (accidentally running someone over while driving).
Not 100% sure on homocide, but i think it is the Americanism of manslaughter.

Homicide just means killing a human. If a police officer shoots and kills a rampaging criminal, or an executioner in a prison puts a death penalty convict to death, it is a homicide but not a crime; its considered a lawful or justified homicide.

Manslaughter and murder are both types of criminal homicide. Murder is when the killer intended to kill. Manslaughter means the killer didn’t necessarily mean to kill the victim, but should have known that whatever they did (like drunk driving, or shooting a gun in the air) was likely to kill someone.