What’s the difference between RJ45 and CAT5? Can the one be converted to the other?


I have a bunch of RJ45 wall ports, and was wondering how they can be utilized. Google is being complicated.

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RJ45 is the term for the connector or the port it plugs into. CAT5 is the twisted pair cable itself.

RJ45 is the standard for the connection itself, and the CAT designation is typically for the speeds attained via that interconnection.

The RJ45 standard is an expansion from the RJ11 (telephone line) and it details four twisted pairs of wires connected by the RJ45 connector. The CAT standard details the speeds attained via the RJ45 on a specific protocol.

Basically, you can use them if they plug in the other end into your router or modem. Then you’ll be able to plug a cable from the wall port into your computer/PlayStation/Xbox, or whatever else has an Ethernet port.