whats the difference (if any) between food that is “blackened” and just straight up burnt?


sometimes at restaurants i see food that is called something like “blackened chicken” and to me it just looks charred? whats the dealio

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If it was done right, it’s cooked *just* enough to start charring part of the spice coating, but not the whole thing and certainly not the meat.

You should have black speckles but not entirely black. The spice mix itself is kind of dark, but that’s not the same as burned.

There’s a pretty thin line between perfectly charred and burnt. Blackened refers to charring with spices.


Carmelization of sugars leads to dark black colors that are not the same thing as carbonized ash.

Blackened is a buzz word. It’s just *seared.* What searing means is to *char* it very quickly by cooking it at a very high temperature (using a device that heats it at 1-2k degrees) while leaving the inside at optimal eating temperature. All steakhouses do this to a properly cooked steak using a device called a Salamander.

When you’ve “burnt” your food, it’s done because you cooked it at any temperature too long, so the whole thing is **overcooked**.