What’s the point of brushing in the morning (you haven’t ate anything + assuming the previous night’s brush was good)


For example, would it make more sense to brush somewhere in the afternoon like halfway through the day?

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Bacteria doesn’t stop growing just because you’ve been sleeping. Ever smell someone else’s bad breath in the morning? Mostly bacterial growth. Save your teeth, your friends and yourself from heart disease and go brush your teeth.🙂


In the 8 hours we sleep bacteria grows on our teeth.

It’s like doing nothing for 8 hours. The food we eat dosen’t all get brushed/rinsed away when we brush our teeth. Only most of it does.

There’s still leftovers in our mouth that reproduce at a very fast rate. Look at YouTube videos of how fast bacteria grows. You’ll want to brush your teeth every hour.

Brushing applies a layer of protection thanks to the fluoride in toothpaste. It’s not feasible that last nights brushing lasts that long. It’s why you should brush before breakfast, to prevent acid erosion from coffee and orange juice, rather than brushing after breakfast when the enamel has been weekend by aforementioned liquids.

Also, bacteria loves our mouths and 8 hours open or closed the bacteria is eating and pooping all over our teeth which is why most people have smelly morning breath, so it’s best to scrub all that away.