When a bruise or blood blister heals, where does the blood go?



If bruises and blood blisters are bleeding beneath the skin, when it heals that blood has to have gone somewhere right?

In: Biology

White blood cells and other immune responses take care of any waste created by your body. Over time, the circulatory system comes through and breaks things down.
Ultamitley you poop it out. That’s part of the reason poop is brown, just like dried blood.

It’s cleared out by various white blood cells. Ultimately, the breakdown products of red blood cells – particularly hemoglobin – are processed by the liver. This produces a chemical called *bilirubin*, which is a major component of bile; that bile is duped into your intestines and you poop it out. It’s why poop and bruises have the same colors (pale yellow to brown and black), actually – both get their color from bilirubin and its breakdown products.