When a human is buried in a coffin, what actually happens with the dead organic matter?


I mean, if one just dies on the ground, the bugs and animals and smaller organisms will consume it. But if it’s isolated in a coffin, does it just, mummify?

In: Biology

It would mummify if there was some way for the moisture to leave, but if it is sealed enough to prevent insects from getting in then probably water can’t get out. So instead the body sort of puddles into a thick black soup as it is decaying by anaerobic bacteria.

depends how much embalming fluid there is in their veins. generally, after 10 years there’s a lot of liquid in there, recognizable skin and bones lots of hair and a dank smell. if the coffin leaks and doesn’t flood they get leathery but if it collapses its usually just dirt and bones. i woked at a cemetery. people move and a lot of times they want loved ones exhumed and cremated. the dead travel better as ashes. one time we dug up a teenaged overdose victim from the 70s. her father was retiring to California and wanted her near. she was perfectly preserved and still beautiful.