When hiding someone’s identity, why are only the eyes censored?


Doesn’t the human face have other identifiable features?

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By covering the eyes, they can cover the least amount of face but still provide anonymity. If you cover the mouth and ears, you could still tell who the person is, even more face-area was removed.

It’s very difficult to identify a person without seeing their eyes unless they have an unusual facial feature (like, say, Mike Tyson’s tattoo) or you are very familiar with them. Pixelating/blurring the face is more effective, but putting a bar over the eyes is easy and still works almost as well.

The eyes are the most distinguishing feature of a person’s face. Eyes have a unique shape and color that can vary greatly from person to person, making them highly distinguishable. They are also surrounded by eyebrows and eyelashes, that further enhance their uniqueness.

When trying to identify a person, you generally look at zones: eyes and ears, nose and cheeks, and mouth and chin. Preferably you’d cover up several zones, as many people have noses for example that are not very common

If you only saw a chin there’d be a quite low chance of you identifying a person, but eyes – including color, tilt, width, distance between – is more distinct

Where are you seeing this? In my experience the entire face is usually blurred for exactly that reason.