when shaving, why does it seem like a warm razor cuts so much smoother than a cold one, regardless of the face’s temperature?

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the title
Fresh out of the shower, I begin to
Shave and I’ve noticed if I
Run the razor under cold
Water it’s seems like
It drags and burns more but running the razor under warm water seems to make it smoother.
Noticed this with multi-blade razors but seems even not so with a straight razor

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The hotter the better, they even make razors where the blades heat up but it’s less effective than heating up your face. If you go to a barber shop and get a shave they’ll put a hot towel on your face for a minute before starting. It softens the hair and skin, causes the hair to “stand up”, your skin is more relaxed and elastic/mailable, and it can help prevent ingrown hairs by opening pores. It works the same way for a straight razor, of you feel a difference maybe your straight razor isn’t sharp enough.

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Why not just get a fog-free mirror and shave in the shower? You’ll always be running the razor under warmer water, and there is no sink mess to clean up.

I’ve been shaving comfortably in the shower for 30 years and can’t imagine ever shaving at the sink again.

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There’s a scene about this in the Coen Brothers movie Miller’s Crossing

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Hot shower, steam . . . softens skin and hairs on face and scalp, opens pores. Makes shaving a breeze, and minimizes the chances of irritation, ingrown hairs, etc.

Putting anything “cold” against your skin is going to reverse these advantages, which is why it feels less “smooth”.

Also . . . save yourself some $$$ and get a proper razor and blades for shaving. Better for the environment, too.