When something had with lots of water and when it’s had alone, are the nutritional values same in both cases?


My friend stopped me from eating an egg because I had drank water, he said it’ll be better if I had it after some time. I couldn’t get the logic.

In: Biology


Technically water dilutes your digestive juices so it would be better not to drink too much while eating so your digestion won’t be slowed down.

But you’re not gonna die if you have an egg after drinking.

Water is the universal solvent, not having enough water will cause indigestion, having too much water could have some effect as well

Your friend is misunderstanding how digestion works. Everything you eat and drink gets first mixed with water and acid as soon as it hits your stomach.

The water and acid are produced through different mechanisms. If you drink a glass of water then eat something your body will just put less water into your stomach. Your body is also very good at moving water from your gut, it really doesn’t stay in there very long.