When working out (high cardio) what makes your stomach churn that you want to throw up?



Edit: Assuming on an empty stomach from eating the night before.

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A lot of times that happens because one ate too close to working out..

eating sends ‘build’ signals to the body, while exercise sends ‘breakdown’ signals to the body to produce energy. Those 2 types of signals are opposite to one another

Generally, it’s a good idea to eat 2-3 hours before a workout, anything closer than that could negatively affect exercise performance.

Source: my exercise science professor with a PhD

Several things. Exercising intensively can require a longer-lasting and powerful metabolism in the muscles to generate energy, which can eventually create lactic acid, a product that can build up in the blood, creating a state of acidosis (more acidic blood), which can lead to nausea and vomiting from triggering the area postrema in the brain (involved in detecting toxins in the blood and triggering vomiting). Dehydration, drop in blood pressure are other causes.