When young children start learning to write, they consistently flip some letter, like ‘S`, even though they are copying it visually


What is the reason why young children flip certain letters when theyre learning to write. Ive noticed i’ve written down things for my daughter to write, and she copies it exactly, except she flips consistently letters like ‘s’, ‘n’, etc. She is writing it Just below the text ive written. I of course compliment and encouraged, and dont mention whay she does.

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Using muscles, not copying characters, and the muscle actions are easy to flip. S is a curve that turns into another curve, that’s how we remember it

TLDR: children have difficulty remembering the exact structure of a letter, even if they understand the general gist of it. With certain letters that there the same but in a different position (b , p, d, q) the kid doesn’t yet understand that the language attaches meaning to where everything is placed.


Most likely it’s they know that there is this cool back and forth snake motion. They don’t focus on the left, and right details. If they do it the wrong way for a long time their muscle memory will drive how to draw the shape instead of visually transferring the shape.