Where do politicians get their information from?


When there is something like a crisis going on in another country it always seems like every politician (not only the ones in the government but the others too) is aware of the exact details about anything that might have influence on the situation.
Do they read the newspaper like normal people or does every party have their own people abroad?
How exactly does it work?

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A certain one seems to get a lot of information from Fox News. But in general I believe they are briefed by various agencies depending on the situation, which can include intelligence agencies, and the governments also talk to each other.

But in many cases they don’t seem to know that much either, like when a big-ass earthquake hits or a suspected terrorist attack, and you would see the president of the U.S. say they are aware of reports and monitoring the situation, but express condolences to those affected.

the US has a vast intelligence network – and part of their job is to keep the President and members of Congress (depending on their specific committee assignments or leadership positions) informed of what’s going on in the world. The politicians also have their own staff who keep up with relevant happenings and brief their bosses.

And of course a lot of them either just watch cable news or make up whatever bullshit they feel like.

Parish / county level candidate here. I read several newsletters and blogs each morning. Sometimes I will speak to a source directly. A candidate has to do a lot of gathering whereas an incumbent has more of this handed to them. Can imagine at a state level or higher there is less daily primary reading and more reliance on staffers to digest the info.