who is hezbollah?


who is hezbollah?

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Hezbollah is an organization that is split into both a political wing and a paramilitary wing. The political wing is involved in Lebanese politics whereas the paramilitary wing has a history of military involved in several theaters such as Syria, Iraq and of course Lebanon.

Hezbollah is an Islamist extremist militant group, classified as a terrorist group by some countrieS. They usually follow some sort of caliphate where they believe the entire world must follow the Islamic religion. I’m not 100% sure but I believe it is said somewhere in the Quran that when everyone in the world believes in Islam, there will be some sort of world peace, and the Middle East nations will be the strongest in the world. They currently have a strong hold on Lebanon and are funded by the Iranian government. As they do believe in a worldwide caliphate, they are especially unhappy with Israel as it is a Jewish state in the Middle East. So they wage terror on Israel. They are closely tied to Hamas (another Islamic extremist militant group that most countries classify as a terrorist.

EDIT: some countries include: the countries that list them as a terrorist organization:Arab LeagueArgentinaAustraliaAustriaBahrainCanadaColombiaCzech RepublicEstoniaGermanyGulf Cooperation CouncilGuatemalaHondurasIsraelJapanLithuaniaNetherlandsParaguaySerbiaSloveniaSwitzerlandUnited KingdomUnited States

countries that consider them at least partly terrorists:

New Zealand


The whole EU

Countries that think they aren’t terrorists:


HezbollahCote d’IvoireCyprusCubaEgyptIndiaIndonesiaIranIraqNicaraguaNorth KoreaQatarRussiaSierra LeoneSenegalSyriaThailandVenezuela

Alright, here’s the deal in simpler terms:

Hezbollah is a group from Lebanon. They started during a big fight with Israel, and Iran gave them a lot of help – weapons and ideas. They wanted to bring together all the Shia Muslims in Lebanon and make a government like Iran’s, but that was tough because Shia are only a third of Lebanon.

So, they settled for being powerful in the Shia areas. They’ve always been upset about other countries messing with Lebanon, especially Israel. They really don’t like the idea of Israel even existing, and they’re still not okay with it today.

So, that’s Hezbollah – a group of Shia Muslims born from a big fight, with Iran’s radical ideas keeping them fired up. Got it, buddy?