Why and HOW do plants create fats?



Take coconut trees for example. They photosynthesize, and consume water and nutrients from the soil. They create coconuts that are very high in fats.

But where does the fat come from?

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I don’t know the exact chemical process, but we turn food into fat as well. You can eat a lot of carbs and little fat, but still gain a lot of weight stored as fat. Life is an extremely complex chemical process, it takes inputs and creates outputs. Fat has to be created by something at some point.

Fat isn’t a base element or simple molecule, its fairly complex. So plants take the precursors and combine them into fat.

Plants synthesize everything, including fats and proteins, from atmospheric CO2, ground water and nutrients in the soil. That’s it.

Plant metabolism. Little organelles called plastids assemble chains of fatty acids from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Then these go into a weird structure called endoplasmatic reticulum where they get assembled further.

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