Why are aliens(if they exist) considered to be more advanced than humans?


In nearly all movies, aliens are considered to have superior brains and intelligence than humans on Earth. Is there a reason why we don’t weigh in the fact that alien species could be of lesser intellect than us?

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Lot of scientists say that octopus genus of creatures are alien life forms that got here by meteorite aeons ago.

In many movies, aliens come to earth. If they made that trip while we can’t, they have superior technology and conclusions can be drawn from that.

But even then, it’s common to want the underdog to win. If it’s a movie where humans travel to meet aliens in space or another planet, making humans the underdog makes for a ~~better~~ more entertaining story most of the time.

because if they are stupid, they can’t visit us or use space travel?!

there might be snails and shit in other planets, but how should we know?

Any alien species that manages to travel through space and arrive on Earth is necessarily more technologically advanced than humans, by the very fact that they travel through space.

However, lots of shows like to depict less advanced alien species. Star Trek is the obvious an prime example.

Humans have yet to solve the problem of interstellar travel. Any alien race that is able to reach Earth would presumably solve that problem and thus be more advanced than us.

There are fictional worlds that contain aliens who are on various stages in their evolution. Warhammer 40k for example acknowledges some alien worlds contain races still in the stone age, or in their medieval stages, etc, but they go to visit them. A stone age race isn’t going to come and visit us.