Why are avocados harmful to animals and healthy for humans?


Some people say that it’s because of relative size, but avocados are also harmful to horses and cows.

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Different foods contain different chemicals. Different species of animals have digestive systems that are better or worse at breaking down certain chemicals.

For example, if you eat a bar of chocolate, Chemical A in the bar gets turned into Chemical B by your body. Your body turns Chemical B into Chemical C almost immediately. Chemical B is harmful to humans, but it doesn’t matter; since it gets consumed as fast as it gets made, it never gets to build up to harmful levels in your body.

Meanwhile, dogs’ bodies are very slow at turning Chemical B into Chemical C, so if they eat a bar of chocolate then Chemical A gets turned into Chemical B, but that Chemical B doesn’t get turned into Chemical C very fast. So the level of Chemical B in the dog’s body can rise until the dog is at risk of dying due to Chemical B poisoning.

I don’t know which chemical(s) in avocados you are referring to or which animals have problems with them, but basically “healthy” and “poisonous” depends on what chemical you are talking about, how much of it there is, and the thing that is getting the dose.