Why are bananas parabolic?



Now I know a similar question has already been asked but I haven’t been convinced by the answers given.

1. Selective breeding
1. Cool I know HOW they became curved, but why are they parabolic?
2. Bananas grow in bunches
1. Why not linearly at a 45 degree angle? What is so special about parabolas?

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The explaination I am aware of is that bananas start growing out at an angle.They try and grow upwards at the tip. As the get bigger their weight causes them to tip outward while.the tip continues to grow up. This ends up making the curvy shape. (With the bananas pointed up: https://images.app.goo.gl/1YV9o1M6MnaE8t6W7)

It’s definitely not selective breeding, it’s just the shape they grow in naturally. Might be exaggerated as they get larger than wild relatives, but people didn’t intentionally breed them to be curved