Why are birth control methods only 99% effective at most?


Why can’t we get to 100% effectiveness?

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Some methods are 100% effective.

But no medication works 100% of the time for all people everywhere, and physical things (such as condoms) do not last forever, never breaking.

If they said %100 effective, they would get sued if it ever happened. They are leaving themselves room just in case.

Because claiming 100% effectiveness in anything of consequence is a suicidal business decision. If you claim 100% effectiveness, you have to be able to prove that it was user error when someone who gets pregnant while using your product bring you to court.

Operator error, manufacturing defect, and plain ol’ smarter-than-your-average-sperm make sure that no non-permanent surgical method is truly 100% ironclad effective. Even if it was that good during internal tests, the manufacturer wouldn’t make the claim for legal reasons.

The only proven 100% effective form of birth control is to reference Reddit memes on your first date.

Human error mostly! best way i can explain is an analogy.

Imagine handing someone a calculator. Technically now, they should be able to solve maths problems with complete accuracy. However, if you ask them for 1,000 calculations a day, theres a chance that hes going to accidentally miss-type one of the numbers and not realise. This would be the equivalent of someone not checking an expiration date, or noticing a tear in a condom, missing a pill…. very little things, that are out of the “births controls” control.

I mean, without getting too graphic and into things, some fluids come out before you finish. This can get on your finger and from their into other places. People think its a joke, but it is possible. Highly unlikely, but still possible!

Every single person is slightly different with hormones and genetics, which means that to claim a product is 100% effective, they would have to test it on every single person.

99% effective doesn’t mean you’re going to get pregnant 1% of the time while having sex. 99% effective in terms of contraception means out of 100 couples 1 got pregnant after a year of use while using the contraceptive.