: why are boobs attractive ?


: why are boobs attractive ?

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Societal norms. Like how in African tribes the more your lips or ears are stretched with disks or even the more neck rings you have. We just happen to like ass and titties

Because anything inherently female is inherently attractive to the male of the species.

And the above is because the genes that were like this outbred the genes that weren’t.

Blunt answer:

We’re biologically programmed to find mates, correct? So what heavily influences our terms of attraction is what we look at and say “that is a healthy/fertile mate.”

With the exception of one sole person, people wouldn’t look at say, the Eiffel Tower and say “ah yes, a healthy fertile mate;” we find characteristics that indicate health and that they can, in our minds, produce healthy offspring. The same biological rules apply (albeit inverted) with homosexuality, but where it gets complicated as all hell is societies interpretations of it. Beards or lack thereof. Size, fat, countless little factors in our day to day, varied wildly by the society we specifically partake in, that influence our ideal ‘healthy.’

‘Boobs’ is simple, it’s just generally a biological sign of maturity and fertility. But again, personal preference is a whole other matter.

Hope that cleared things up a bit.

Combination of biological drive towards mates that are better suited at taking care of babies and Freudian shit where your lizard brain associates boobs with mom and eating.

you: mmm hot tits!

your primitive Brain: mmm this potential mate has some nice sacks, that means she’s fertile and sexually mature and she has enough fat to complete a pregnancy and nurse the child

A lot of recent research actually suggests that human tendency to find boobs attractive is mostly cultural indoctrination. From a very young age your culture tells you (through many different kinds of ways) that boobs are what is attractive. Since this info is taught to you from such a young age it becomes a fairly concrete and unrefuted feature of what makes someone attractive in your eyes. This also helps account for why the correlation between breast size and attractiveness varies so greatly between cultures. The evolutionary perspective shared above (boobs = viable mate) is generally found more strictly for hip-to-waist ratio in females. Fertility and successful pregnancy are judged by booty, not so much by boobs – says the research.

The current theory is something like this:

Primates typically find ass displays attractive, because they spend all their time hunched over, and the butt is right there where all the sex stuff happens. A good amount of fat and muscle around the buttocks is a good indication of health.

As humans developed an upright posture, our butts developed quite a bit more muscle, ending up as the large, round shapes we have today.

Of course, now that we’re upright, you can only really see that display from behind, and humans spend most of their time interacting face to face. So we needed a frontal display that would signal the same healthiness, and evolution had already programmed us for “two big round things in your face”. And since evolution also already had some simple coding for adding fat and other tissues to breasts during and after pregnancy, it was easy (in evolutionary terms) for someone to develop the mutation “what if boobs, but ALL THE TIME?” and have that just latch onto the “get sprung” instinctual response.