Why are brain wrinkles good



I understand it’s because a wrinkly brain has a higher surface area than a smooth one. But why is surface are better than volume? What make a surface neuron more influential then an internal neuron when determining intelligence?

In: Biology

Grey matter is the part of the brain that contains the most neurons and governs higher cognition.

As it turns out, grey matter grows in a thin layer around the brain. So, increasing the brain’s surface area, increases the amount of grey matter and thus intelligence.

It is not known why grey matter only grows on the surface, and not completely through the brain.

for 99% of history brains were fairly simple balls of nerves. Automatic stuff to keep a simple animal breathing and reacting to stimulus.

At some point something ended up going “hey, what if we put a dense layer or nerves right around the outside” and that worked super well for making complex behaviors but since it was around the outside everything started having to make more outside.

If some guy was in charge of redesigning the brain they wouldn’t do it that way. But brains evolve weird, you basically die if you mess with what was there already so a lot of brain evolution is “don’t touch this thing that works, make a new part” and the new part ended up being a skin around the outside instead of going back to change the inner parts to be more advanced. So all the parts that make you breath and have your heart beat are all more internal and bottom and back to the brain, the complicated thinking parts are on the outside top and front