Why are certain allergies more fatal than others?



Why are certain allergies more fatal than others?

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Depends which part of your body is mainly affected. If you have an allergic skin reaction then it’ll be painful, but isn’t likely to be fatal. An allergic throat reaction, on the other hand, has the potential to cause the tissues to swell up so much that they block your windpipe and cause you severe difficulty in breathing, which is far more dangerous.

Basically, depend what part of your body cause an allergy. An allergy is usually just your body over reacting to something. This overreaction can cause varying issue depending on which part of your body react. Skin allergies will usually cause irritation, as your body tries to push the particles away. Weak food allergies will usually end up causing diarrhea, as your body simply try to expel the perceived threat ASAP. But in some case, the allergy is very strong and it can be in much more dangerous places. Notoriously, the throat. If your throat react badly, it swells up, blocking your windpipe. You die asphyxiated because your throat reacted badly.

Simply put, if your allergy doesn’t impact somewhere that’s fatal, it’ll be an inconvenience of varying degree.

i hope i’m not wrong from saying this but my impression of allergies especially like peanuts when you go into anaphylactic shock it causes your thorax to inflame and tighten making if hard to breathe, so you basically just are starved of oxygen and die