Why are coins often used in the process of grinding cannabis?


I can’t understand any reasoning behind this, is there a chemical thing or a physical change to the weed itself?

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Depends on how you like to use your grinder. I don’t do this because I don’t use a screen in my grinder and I find it a waste of time, others like the idea dn practise, but I also find a screen in the grinder to be a hindrance and slows everything down while taking away from your current smoke.

By putting a coin in the grinder, you can separate some of the thc from the plant to smoke later by shaking it, causing the thc to fall through the screen in the grinder so you don’t smoke it. It’s like taking taking a little from each time you smoke, and saving it later to smoke.

The pollen of the marijuana plant is called “kief” and it has a very high concentration of thc. This is actually what hash is: compressed kief.

Some grinders have a filter screen to a second compartment that is used to seperate the kief from the rest of the buds, and collect it separately.

Inthese types of grinders, putting a coin in the bud compartment will help shake lose the kief out of the buds to collect it.

I was under the impression the coin in the bottom of the keif collector of a grinder was so that the coin would over time push more kief along the wall of the grinder so it could be more easily collected