why are cops more likely to pull over flashy cars instead of normal everyday Vehicles ?


why are cops more likely to pull over flashy cars instead of normal everyday Vehicles ?

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Flashy cars are far more likely to be driven by teenagers/young adults, who are subsequently far more likely to have, say, Weed or other drugs in their car.

Granddad in his 09 white Jetta drives 10 below the speed limit and Ricky in his bling encrusted BMW 666, LED infused M3 with leather interior and 3245W audio system is showing off to Marcy, his love of his life after his BMW. Ricky is tearing up the road at 15 over and frightening grandad with his erratic lane changes.


really? whats your source for this?

Depends on what you mean by flashy. I knew a drug dealer who would only buy BMW’s because cops wouldn’t bother pulling them over thinking they had the means to fight a ticket. Though I could also see cops thinking theyd have the cash to pay a fine without a hassle, so…

A flashy bright colored car is designed to be seem, cops are human, they notice it too. A rumbling large v8 engine on a muscle car or sports car gets noticed, where a silver Camry going the same speed might not. All other factors being equal.

And as others have said, people who drive sports cars do so because they the power and performance.

Where I am, non-flashy cars are pulled over more regularly; usually SUVs. However, they all look the same and are forgettable, whereas we remember the flashy cars.

Cop here:

We’re really not. Most of the cars we pull over are completely average, or complete beaters.

Though I suppose if we’re talking about flashy cars having a higher chance of getting pulled over, percentage-wise, it’s because cops are human and notice flashy cars before they notice regular ones like everyone else.

If you’re more likely to be noticed overall, you’re more likely to be noticed by police, and if you’re breaking the law + getting noticed by police, you’re more likely to get pulled over.

It doesn’t even have to be super flashy but it matters. I’ve been driving for years and in my first car (older green Jetta) I never got pulled over for anything, then I upgrade to a nicer looking Golf and I get 3 speeding tickets in 6 months. Fuck the police is my takeaway. I didn’t change my driving habits they just got hard for making me pay.

What makes you think flashy cars are pulled over any more than non-flashy cars?

As someone who has a spent time as a police officer in a horrible neighborhood in Philadelphia, this question kind of rubbed me the wrong way just reading it. The fact that you’re asking it makes me feel that you have no basis for this other than what you see in movies and what becomes viral videos on social media with the intention of making the police look bad.

Having said that, its just my assumption and we all know what happens when you assume so I apologize if I am wrong.

ANSWER: In my experience as a police officer, as I said in a horrible neighborhood in Philadelphia, “flashy cars” don’t pass through as often as normal cars. Most of my fellow officers couldn’t care less about the look a car carries with it except for in certain circumstances. Was the car just parked chatting with the corner boys who we know sell drugs every single day, most of which we have arrested on drug and gun charges previously? If the answer is yes, then absolutely I want to figure out a way to stop that vehicle. The main reason being to figure out who is in the car, maybe they are closer to the top of their respective hierarchy than the typical drug boy. These guys usually aren’t dumb enough to be carrying anything to get themselves in trouble, but hey if they are we’ll see where it takes us.

I think it is kind of relative to the type of law enforcement. Municipal police in bad rough cities, probably less likely to stop flashy cars. State police patrolling interstates? Maybe more likely because flashy cars tend to speed more than normal cars.

A red Corvette is more likely to be spotted than a beige Toyota, and thus noticed if it’s also speeding, changing lanes recklessly. Also, there is likely some envy/chip on their shoulder since traffic spots are discretionary… give the stressed out mom in the minivan a pass for going 10 over the limit while choosing to stick it to the guy in the car a cop could never afford.