Why are most cars FWD and trucks are RWD but high end cars are RWD (BMW, Mercedes)


I understand the AWD idea for cars like Audi and Subaru but why are only higher end/sports cars RWD. AWD is added weight so I can see why you wouldn’t want that and more possible problems but why isn’t every car RWD, you get better traction/acceleration. My modified vivid torque steers and spins like a bitch where my buddy’s 335i does spin a bit but grips way better than my car and has like 100+ more hp

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FWD is easier and cheaper to manufacture and it allows for more interior space, so if a manufacturer is more concerned about cost and efficient use of space, they’ll go with FWD.

In luxury cars the extra cost isn’t a huge problem, and they’re usually big enough so that there’s still enough room.

Traction isn’t determined just by your hp and torque, the size of the tires matters as well. Wider tires means better power transfer to the road and less slippage. I don’t know if that matters in your example, but it’s a possible factor.

RWD is harder to control and has *worse* traction.

It has better acceleration in good conditions, but is way more prone to slipping in slick conditions, and when it does stabilizing the vehicle requires more practice. It is used on trucks because they are expected to have way in back when loaded.